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Sunday, April 29, 2012

it's personal!

today's it's personal post is all about the windmill. and a bit of six degrees of the dutch, for good measure.

first off, my much-loved windmill circa 1910 (according to the st lawrence market antique dealer i bought it from years ago), hand painted on tile and framed. some crazing but that just makes it sweeter, IMO.

now for some assorted vintage windmills, for your viewing pleasure:

here's a sweet vintage short on cycling in the netherlands in the '50's. ma, pa, this goes out to you! (and see if you can recognize anyone!)

then there's this bit of random oddness. a song called "dutch girls," by misty boyce. pretty sure i would've been a major fan of misty's at the age of 17, when my favourite kind of music was anything "dirge-like." nice voice, shame about the suicidality. misty, there's medication for that - FYI.

this short newsclip (from sri lanka or india apparently), covers the "vanishing vintage windmills" phenomenon in holland.

last but definitely not least, i leave you with this upbeat early electronic number from a belgian band (close enough cousin to the dutch, if you please), telex, circa 1979. rock out, cool cats! happy sunday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

friday's vintage quick fix

a little something for everyone in friday's vintage quick fix here at that's my era. 

musically we have artie shaw on a nice crackly 78 RPM, playing "my heart stood still."

recommended film noir this weekend is "house of strangers," starring edward g robinson. here's a clip that shows off eddie g's "italian" accent... and his thoughts on the brave "new world."

'50's precursor to the "mini cooper:" the "peardrop." can i order one in the mail please?

the precursor to "starbucks." amusing and informative short:

breakdance. it's been around since the '40's! did you know that?

the precursor to the segway. only it doesn't really work...

 and last not but not least. motherhood, circa 1950, texas-style... they don't raise 'em like they used to!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

hump day hotties!

welcome to the very first edition of "hump day hotties" here at that's my era. every hump day i'll post, for your viewing pleasure, pictures of good-lookin' specimens, both male and female, from my era.

first off, the boys:

gary cooper.

clark gable - sans pencil mustache.


sal mineo.


cary grant.

gary cooper. again.

gene kelly.
brando. again.

sal. again.

cary grant.

a very young brando.

gene. again.
james dean.

dean. again.


tony curtis rocking a pair of high-waisters!

brando. again.

last kelly.

last brando.

...followed by the girls. and yes, if you're seeing a lot of pictures of some and not so much of others that's just because i think they're looking particularly hump day worthy. you can thank me later.

gene tierney.

tierney. again.

and ... um ... again.

betty grable.

grable. again.

ava gardner.

tierney once more.

ava gardner.

gardner. again.

gardner once more...

grable. *sigh*

lana turner.

veronica lake.

grable... i know...

gardner... yes, i know...


turner. again.

lauren bacall.

lauren bacall.

turner. just because.

a very young gardner. s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g.

bacall. again.

grable... definitely a theme here.
and last but not least... more grable!

and yes, i know, you probably feel like smoking now. sorry. and, you're welcome!