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Saturday, June 16, 2012

pick a couch, any couch.

while i wait impatiently for my loveseat (supposed to arrive sometime this weekend...) i thought i'd post some mouth-watering pics of other mid-century modern sofas/couches/loveseats.

here they are!

which one would you choose to watch film noir on? personally, if it wasn't for the loveseat that's heading my way (hopefully) i'd probably go for the blue with black boomerang legs.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

it's personal!

welcome to a long overdue edition of 'it's personal' here at that's my era. and apologies for my tardiness. seems i took a bit of an extended vacation from blog-land...

first of all, i need to disclose the fact that apparently i unwittingly lied when i said i planned to reupholster my 1941 eaton's couch and chair. that "distressed" set remains with my girlfriend and her cats who will undoubtedly continue to sharpen their claws on them (just the cats, not my girlfriend... pretty sure anyway...)

i gave some thought as to how much time it would take me, a newbie, to reupholster a set like that and figured i was probably a little in over my head. instead, i'm enjoying someone else's reupholstering job with this sweet little loveseat:

photos courtesy of shelley m.

this cutie should be in my possession early this week. what do you think of her?!