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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday night sneak peek

Coming to the shop over the next few days, some exciting fresh picks. First up, one pink and black 1950's clock radio by Fleetwood, Montréal, Canada. Sort of interesting given that I recently sold a red Fleetwood along with another pink and black clock radio. This radio is sort of like the child of those other two radios. This radio is so obviously their love child! (sorry, I'll stop now).

Radio is in perfect working order.  Clock needs to be oiled. Second hand turns but setting knob in back is super stiff/hard to turn and clock doesn't keep time. Some sneak peek pics below as well as video footage of the pink songbird in action (guest-starring my cat in the background who totally looks like she could be rolling her eyes).

Coming to the shop this week as well, a whole bunch of vintage cameras of varying shape, size and vintage. Exciting! Notable as well, two more vintage advertising pieces including a "Drink Canada Dry" enamel on tin sign along with another "Star Weekly" enamel on tin sign. This particular "Star Weekly" sign is of an earlier vintage and lists the price too: 10 cents. They don't price 'em like they used to!

Without further ado, some pictures (and a video) of the very '50's clock radio...

Wishing you all a swingin' Saturday night, as always!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sold Digest

There have been a few sales since our last sold digest so thought I'd catch up on that today. There won't be any new listings to the shop this weekend since it's my partner's birthday weekend and festivities will be on the rise.

Here are some recent partings of the sweet sorrowful kind.

Sold, October 8th, 2012. One Automatic Radio Company pale pink clock radio in perfect working condition. Had some deep scratches on the top of the case and a few repaired cracked "ribs" on the side but otherwise in excellent vintage condition. This gal went to live in the New Jersey with a whole lot of other clock radios (a clock radio collector bought her).

Sold, October 11th, 2012. One Fleetwood cherry red, tartan grilled radio in excellent vintage condition and very good working condition as well. Our lady in red went to live in Massachusetts.

Sold, October 21st, 2012. One 1949 Oster Osterizer "beehive" blender. A regal chrome beauty complete with original recipe book/manual. She went to live in California (must be nice).

Sold, October 23rd, 2012. One smokey gray glass bowl, probably Czech, possibly Sklo Union (as per my friend Ryan, the art glass expert). This sweet hunk o' glass continues to live here Toronto.

Sold, October 28th, 2012. Set of 3 "International China" side plates, classic '70's stoneware, Japan. This was in the so-called "Carracas" pattern. It was the coupling of the pink and yellow that sold me on these plates.These pink n' yellow beauties continue to live in the Toronto area.

Sold, November 1st, 2012. One 100% acetate men's skinny tie from the 1950's. Blue-green with a shimmery effect and very Eames-y pattern. This tie was bought by a rather famous costume designer who in fact is working on the very popular series, Breaking Bad. This star-studded tie has gone to live in California.

Sold, November 15th, 2012. One Davy Crockett lampshade, circa the 1950's. This original piece went to live in Seattle.

Sold, November 17th, 2012. One remote control police car by "KS" Japan circa the 1950's. This red beauty is on her way to live in the East Coast of Canada. I think if she starts now she could get there by Christmas (sorry, couldn't resist).

And last but not least, a few sales pending. The Star Weekly sign, the red, mint condition "animal transport" toy truck, and the "deluxe auto transport" toy truck are on their way out as well. The animal transport truck and Star Weekly sign will continue to live here in Ontario while the auto transport truck is off to join the police car in the East Coast. 


That's all for now. Wishing everyone a swingin' Saturday night, as always!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Farnsworth ET-061 Tube Radio from 1946, in black and red!

Rare colour combo on this beautiful 1946/7 Farnsworth, model ET-061. Black bakelite case is free of chips, cracks and repairs. Wine red tenite grille is also chip, crack, repair free. Lucite knobs with cherry centres, in great vintage condition as well.

This royal beauty is in working condition but she does need her insides looked at for a few reasons:

1) Needs a new dial lamp
2) Volume is too high
3) Sound is a bit garbled
4) Dial won't move all the way to the right

Please see video link below to hear her in action.

This model features BC (broadcast = AM) and SW (shortwave) bands. I bought this radio several years ago from The Radio Attic (my favourite place for vintage radio viewing and buying). It was touted as having been restored electronically, so I'm presuming it had its filter caps replaced but obviously it needed more work internally. Since I bought the radio, it's mostly been living on my shelf. I've never made any repair attempts or taken her apart because unfortunately, I'm not handy like that.

Here are lots of pictures of the radio, which will be listed today in our Etsy shop: