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Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday night sneak peek!

A few new items coming to the shop tonight, including quite a few radios. First up, one Northern Electric "Baby Champ," model 5500. Very classic '50's styling on this radio. In good vintage condition but unfortunately not working. Needs a good cleaning. In spite of her lack of functionality, she's a rare model and close cousin to the more commonly seen Northern Electric "rainbow."


Gotta love the original advertisement for this radio:

Next up, one Wards Airline red tube radio circa the late 1940's. While nice to look at, this radio is unfortunately a bit of a Franken-radio. She's priced accordingly!


Third radio up to bat, one heavy brown bakelite Fada circa the late 1940's as well (likely '48/'49, my personal favorite years for radios). In unknown working condition (likely working but listing "as is").

And last but certainly not least, my prized Nordmende Stradella transistor radio, in blue leatherette. This West German-made songbird is in excellent vintage condition. No tears to blue leatherette. No dents to chrome grille. No cracks to dial lens. Pulls in stations clear across the AM and FM dial with good tone (lthe good sound on these Nordmende transistors comes from the fact that underneath the leatherette exterior lies wood). Takes one 9V battery. Be sure to check out the video link (below) that showcases her in action.